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Beware this vet. He unilaterally decided to clean my 17 yo cat's teeth without discussing with me first, and killed my cat by overdose of anesthesia.

I took my cat in for an xray and enema due to constipation. I previously had the exact same thing done previously at another vet, some months earlier, and no anesthesia for these services was required. This greedy irresponsible piece of *** decided he would also clean the cat's teeth, even though I had previously declined to do this on another visit, due to the cat's advanced age and risks of anesthesia.

He needs his license pulled. If you love your pet DO NOT GO HERE.

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He killed my dog she was only 9 years old, and was a small 15 lb dog. I left her in his care where he told me she would be given an IV, I came to see her the next day ...she was obviously dying.

There was no IV or port..he had a hard time finding her blood vessel to put her to sleep, so he stabbed her mutable times, while I pleaded with him to at least give her a shot of a sedative, he did not dog, and best friend in the end was torchered! The medication that puts your dog to sleep burns terrible if it misses the vein, and sadly that was what was done... after the forth stabbing. She died slowly because there was not enough medication that got in to her veins.

I asked that I be left alone with her, I turned around to *** my coat that had been soiled, he grabbed her, and took her into the back, she was still breathing. God help you on your death bed!!

to Anonymous #781448

I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your little girl. This horrible vet will surely get what he is due when his time comes.

Try to find comfort in the wonderful memories you have of your baby. I know it is hard when the ending is so traumatic. I had flashbacks that made me want to crawl out of my skin, for a couple months, but then I just started to focus on the wonderful time I had with my Bootie. I wish you the same comfort I finally found.

There are great vets out there and try not to let this maniac cloud your judgement in the future. Good luck and God bless you.


Update to review above. In my dispute with this vet I was now told by the BBB that he said my cat had a lumbar tumor and did not have long to live anyway.

Today is 4 months after the vet visit where he killed my cat. He never, ever mentioned a tumor to me. And, if the cat did have a life threatening tumor, why would a vet go ahead and clean their teeth without owner authorization?

This guys stories just keep getting crazier and crazier. He is a menace, a liar and I am working on getting his license revoked so he cannot do this to any other innocent pets or their owners.

to onejulia Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland #677207

good for you ! he needs to give up his practice

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