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He killed my dog she was only 9 years old, and was a small 15 lb dog. I left her in his care where he told me she would be given an IV, I came to see her the next day ...she was obviously dying.

There was no IV or port..he had a hard time finding her blood vessel to put her to sleep, so he stabbed her mutable times, while I pleaded with him to at least give her a shot of a sedative, he did not dog, and best friend in the end was torchered! The medication that puts your dog to sleep burns terrible if it misses the vein, and sadly that was what was done... after the forth stabbing. She died slowly because there was not enough medication that got in to her veins.

I asked that I be let alone with her, I turned around to *** my coat that had been soiled, he grabbed her, and toke her into the back, she was still breathing. God help you on your death bed!!

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